Business Aviation as a Career Path, Without Flying the Plane

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Aviation is a unique and fascinating industry consisting of several sectors: military, commercial, general and business aviation. The general public is most familiar with the military and commercial sectors. However, business aviation is a thriving industry and I often say it is an addicting industry to be in. Once you start working in business aviation, you tend to stay. It’s hard work and yet quite rewarding.  

Pilots and Maintenance Technicians are well known professions in aviation. However, there are numerous other professional career paths that are rewarding both financially and professionally, providing opportunities for growth and advancement.  Aviation is an industry often overlooked when students and school counselors explore career options. If people are not interested in flying or fixing airplanes, or if they do not have a personal connection with aviation, choosing a career in aviation is foreign and typically not considered with the options.  

Gigi Jets, NBAA Aircraft static display on ramp
NBAA Aircraft static display on ramp

Aviation is a fascinating industry with jobs such as customer service, financial services, sales, management, software, and technology to name a few. Aviation adds a fun twist to your job by providing exposure to sleek aircraft, busy hangars, and complex machinery in any given day. Some jobs are specialized requiring a degree, certification or license. However, there are several positions available with on the job training and don’t require a specific degree.  

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Speaking with FBO Customer Service Agent at airport

There are many opportunities in business aviation. What may surprise you is how integrated the industry is around you and how significantly it contributes to the economy. Did you know…

  • Greater than 42% of business aircraft are flown to towns with little or no airline service.  
  • Business Aviation uses more than 5,000 community airports in small or rural communities. 
  • About 72% of passengers aboard business airplanes are non-executive employees. 

These statistics show that small to big cities have business aviation activity occurring. Therefore, you can explore locally, as well as worldwide, for jobs and professional opportunities.  

With over 20 years, I have found my career path in aviation rewarding and fascinating, while meeting a lot of wonderful friends along the way. Having come from a small town, growing up on a dairy cow farm with dreams of traveling and seeing the world, my career has brought me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined.  

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities:

  • The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is a great resource for information, guidance, and support, https://nbaa.org/for-students/ and https://nbaa.org/leadership.  
  • Women in Aviation International (WAI) annually holds Girls in Aviation Day designed to introduce girls ages 8 to 17 to the many aviation careers available, https://www.wai.org/.
  • In my current state Idaho, for over 30 years, Aerospace Career Exploration Academy yearly holds ACE Academy which bring awareness to kids 12-18, teachers, and parents numerous aviation and aerospace careers, http://aceacademy.aero/.

Gigi Jets, professional women in business aviation
Professional women in business aviation

Additionally, I am happy to be a resource as I can give insight on career opportunities, share my story, and I would love to hear your story. I am happy to be a mentor locally and remotely through phone and electronic communication, hello@gigijets.com. Aviation has brought me tremendous opportunity and adventure. I am happy to share and pass it on.

Welcome to Gigi Jets, and the beginning of your next journey.

The beginning of your next journey.

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Aviation has an upbeat, exciting culture. Lots of diverse people and places. 70% of aviation jobs are non-pilot or mechanic. Anyone with good work ethic and a positive attitude can find a home here.

I agree, Mike! I often say, it is a small, yet big industry. I am in it for life! 🙂

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