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Tips to Remember Flying Privately in the Winter Season

There is a saying that I use in our industry, “The only constant is change”. Winter is approaching and, in some areas, it already has. With winter, patience is a key element to remember, because safety is everyone’s first priority.

Here are some things to keep in mind as we travel during the winter season:

  1. The weather outside your window only a few miles from the airport may be different than at the runway- it can be better or worse.
  2. The weather at your destination may change by the time you arrive- it can be better or worse.
  3. The weather in the morning may not be the same weather in the afternoon- it can better or worse.
  4. The weather forecast is subject to change- it can better or worse.

When traveling during the winter season, keep this in mind:

  1. Your flight could be delayed allowing weather to pass at either the departing or arriving airport. Communication is key to understanding and planning.
  2. Your flight time might be extended when en route to fly around weather. In some cases, operators may invoice the additional flight time after the flight is complete.
  3. If there is moisture and cold in the air, de-icing may be required prior to take off. This takes additional time for departure and results in additional costs, billed after the flight is complete.

In summary, while traveling during the winter season, in addition to dressing warm, travel with patience and carefully read terms and conditions for each trip to be aware of additional charges that may be incurred. 

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