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On-Demand Charter Services Add Value

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On-Demand Charter Services Add Value

These Case Studies highlight just a few examples of the value of On-Demand Private Charter.

Based on actual Client experience, we have removed our Client’s identity for privacy purposes.

Rapid Response: Next-Day Charter

2 PM: Client contacts Gigi Jets for a charter the following day

2:05: Gigi Jets responds, acknowledging inquiry and requirements

…         Gigi Jets gathers data and availability based on Client requirements

3:25: Gigi Jets emails range of options to Client.

4:00: Client confirms aircraft choice.

4:15: Gigi Jets secures the aircraft and arranges for additional logistics.

6:00: Gigi Jets delivers Client’s charter itinerary, including reserved ground transportation.


After receiving an afternoon booking inquiry, Gigi Jets was able to deliver a completed itinerary, including reserved aircraft, departure and arrival details (airports, facilities, etc.), ground transportation and more, all within only 4 hours. The flight is successfully booked for the following day.

Flexible & Adaptive: A Change Of Plans

Tuesday, 9:10 AM: Client contacts Gigi Jets requesting a departure for the following Friday.

10:00: Gigi Jets provides client with options that they have favored in the past.

11:00: Client confirms charter. Gigi Jets secures the aircraft and confirms travel logistics such as ground transportation and catering.

12:30: Gigi Jets delivers Client’s completed charter itinerary.

Wednesday: Client requests an itinerary change, moving the departure date up to the following day (Thursday) at 2 PM. Gigi Jets confirms the change with the Charter Operator.

Thursday, 8:45 AM: Client requests noon departure instead of 2 PM.

9:20: Gigi Jets confirms a noon arrival for the aircraft, giving the Client a 12:30pm departure.

Additionally, Gigi Jets ensures that ground transportation and catering schedules are updated.

Sunday, 11:20 AM: Client requests that their return flight, scheduled for the following day at 2 PM, be moved to 12 noon.

1:55pm: After working with Operator to accommodate the changes, Gigi Jets confirms the rescheduled flight with Client.


Throughout the Charter Service period, we were able to adjust flight arrival and departure times on short notice, manage ground transportation and catering changes and provide hassle-free updates, start to finish.

On-Demand Charter Services Add Value

Collaborative: Providing Support and Assistance Extras

Purpose: facility tours & meetings, four states in two days.

Day 01: Charter Aircraft picks up passengers in DC. Flies to TN and LA. Day 02: Charter continues from LA and flies to TX.

Gigi Jets assists the Client with reviewing the itinerary, providing another set of eyes on the details. For example:

  • Confirm the aircraft that best fits Client needs: speed for flight duration efficiency, cabin size given the number of passengers, and luggage accommodation.
  • Confirm airports closest to destinations to minimize driving and travel time.
  • Manage ground transportation for each destination: Ensure payment logistics are handled ahead of time, and confirm transportation is in place prior to client landing. Ensure type of transportation fits Client needs.
  • Gigi Jets is available every step of the way during the Charter in the event of additional changes or Client needs.



The Client wrote: “From the CEO and the others, apparently the trip was flawless! They were so impressed. I can’t tell you how easy you made it for me!”

– Siouxsie Rice; RagingWire Data Centers

Maximize Efficiency: Multiple Hops In A Day

Executive group travels to meetings at three facilities between Idaho and Washington. All stops occur across a single day. Catering arranged on one of the legs.


No matter how complex or simple, Gigi Jets can accommodate the logistics for all your Private Charter needs, including changes and adjustments, supplemental services such as catering & ground transportation, and much more.

Gigi Jets is your resource for your private travel needs.

Let us craft a Bespoke Solution to your travel & transportation needs. Discover the difference a Private Charter, brokered by Gigi Jets, can make for you.

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