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Aircraft Guide

Cabin, Comfort, Speed, Safety, Performance… you always have options!

The Right Tools For The Job

Choosing the right aircraft for your trip makes all the difference. Speed, capacity and size can each dramatically impact your flight experience. We make sure you always have the best fit and value for your Private Charter.

Whether you have a specific aircraft in mind, or you would prefer to explore options, we are happy to review those with you, choosing among different categories, features and values, until you are satisfied with the aircraft selection.

This guide outlines the aircraft types available for charter and highlights the various manufacturers within each category.

Single Engine

Ideal for aerial/scenic flights, short distance trips, or back country flying in the Mountains.
Aircraft Example Cessna Turbo Stationair / Cessna 206, Cirrus SR20, Piper Meridian
Capacity Up to 9 passengers
Speed 150-310 mph
Range 700-310 miles
Single Engine- aircraft charter ideal for short local flights
Turbo Prop, great versatile & economical charter category

Turbo-Prop & Twin Engine Piston

Economical options are ideal for short distance trips and shorter runway lengths compared to jets within a reasonable price.
Aircraft Example King Air B200 / Pilatus PC-12 / Cessna 421
Capacity Up to 8 passengers
Speed 200-330 mph
Range 1,000-1,800 miles

Small Light Jets

Smaller jets for a less price than the conventional light jet.
Aircraft Example Citation M2/ Embraer Phenom 100 / HondaJet
Capacity Up to 4 passengers
Speed Up to 370 mph
Range Up to 1,700 miles
Small Light Jet, ideal for short flights with 2 passengers
Light jets popular aircraft category, Gigi Jets

Light Jets

The industry staple. Light jets provide access to small airports with the speed in productive time. Travel comfortably and arrive in style.
Aircraft Example Citation CJ series / Learjet 30/45 Series / Hawker Series
Capacity Up to 8 passengers
Speed 375-475 mph
Range 1,400-2,000 miles

Mid-Size Jets

Best-in-Class combination of speed and comfort for the long haul. Larger cabins for ultra-comfort, and amenities include an enclosed lavatory, forward galley, and most have cabin-accessible luggage. Longer travel range than light jets, where most can fly east to west non-stop.
Aircraft Example Hawker 850/900XP / Learjet 60/70 series / Gulfstream 150/200/280
Capacity Up to 9 passengers
Speed 450-550 mph
Range 1,600- 2,600 miles
Mid-Size, Hawker 900XP, best-in-class for speed and comfort
Super mid- Long range aircraft. East West Coast flying

Super Mid-Size Jets

Elite class steps up in speed and range over the standard mid-size.
Aircraft Example Citation Sovereign / Hawker Beechcraft 4000 /  Challenger 300/600 series / Gulfstream 350/450
Capacity Up to 9 passengers
Speed 500-550 mph
Range 3,300- 3,600 miles

Heavy Jets

Exclusivity and luxury meets ultra long-range destinations. Heavy jets provide ultimate large cabins, optimum performance and luxury air travel. Heavy jets are optimal for the long ranges needed for trans- or inter-continental routes and carry up to twelve people in great comfort.
Aircraft Example Citation X / Citation Longitude / Bombardier Global Express / Gulfstream 500/550/650 / Falcon 900
Capacity Up to 19 passengers
Speed 500- 550 mph
Range 2,800- 7,400 miles
Heavy, Citation X-Aircraft Guide
Jumbo Jets-Aircraft Guide

Jumbo Jets

Typically used for sports charters and very large groups. These aircraft can be configured as executive coach offering rows of seats to accommodate high capacity or configured for ultimate privacy and comfort with bedrooms
Aircraft Example Airbus / Boeing / Dornier / Embraer
Capacity Up to 400 passengers
Speed 485- 605 mph
Range 1,500- 3,700 miles


Ideal for aerial/scenic flights, aerial photography, center centers transport, flights to secludes mountain retreats where no runways exist.
Aircraft Example Bell / Eurocopter / Robinson / Sikorsky
Capacity Up to 9 passengers
Speed 130-200 mph
Range 330-800 miles

Safety Is Job One

For Gigi Jets, there is nothing more important than the safety of our Clients.

You will fly with confidence knowing that flight crews and aircraft are always fully qualified, credentialed and properly maintained. You’ll take comfort knowing that your pilots, attendants and ground personnel are experienced, certified and adhere to the highest standards in safety and reliability.

– Our Charter Operators are fully certified and abide by the standards and regulations established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT).

– To ensure your safety, operations with FAA are through Federal Air Regulations (FAR) Part 135 On-Demand, which requires audits, checks, limitation requirements and standards for pilots, aircraft maintenance, security administration, business operations, insurance requirements and company ownership.

–Being a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) assures industry best-practices, changes, and support.

– In addition to FAA and DOT requirements and standards, Operators typically meet the higher standards and additional audits performed through third-party memberships such as Wyvern and ARG/US.

These strict requirements and regulations are designed to assure the safety of your private charter flight, and to ensure best practices across the industry. You can count on Gigi Jets to strictly follow and adhere to all guidelines and regulations, and can expect the same from our industry partners

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Safety Is Job One.

For Gigi Jets, there is nothing more important than the safety of our Clients.

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